~ My Beginnings ~

All Men R In Love W Marcella CD, CGC, TDI

"Marcella" was the first "real" Great Dane I've brought home - I fell in love with Danes during all-breed rescue when
I brought home a natural eared fawn Dane.   I was competing in obedience then with a Lab and a Doberman,
and went looking for a Dane who I could also compete with - and mantle Miss Marcella came home. 

~ Important Danes In My Life ~

Ch. BMW Oberon

Ch. BMW Talisman x BMW Pandemonium

, owned by Hugo Gamboa, has been an
important dog in my breeding program, bringing forth
many of the traits that Laura Kiaulenas worked so hard
to build in the BMW Line.

, also owned by Hugo Gamboa, has been
another important dog in my breeding program.

Daneboa's Black Ambassador

Ch. BMW Oberon x Laureal's Daneboa Hanky Panky

~ Continuing On ~

Daneboa's Formal Attire

Daneboa's Black Ambassador x Amanda Daneboa

"Angus", purchased from Hugo Gamboa,
is one of those dogs who was truly a joy to watch
and to live with.  I first saw him when he was six
months old, and fell completely and totally in love
with him.  He had solid structure, beautiful front and
rear angles and a nice head.  He set the standard
for what I expect to see in a male Great Dane.

was my foundation bitch.  Purchased
from Hugo Gamboa as an adult, this picture was taken
when she was 7 years old and still as graceful as ever.
She left a legacy of type and soundness in her children.

Angelica Daneboa

Ch. BMW Oberon x Michaeldane's Good-'N-Plenty

Ch. Sardi's Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

BISS Ch. Wyntrebrook's Sun Dancer x Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk

"Lizzie" is my one of my previous "Champions".

~ A Little About Myself ~

I got "into" Danes by the seat of my pants, so to speak. Miss Marcella was an eye opener to me. She introduced me to the world of Danes, and my life hasn't been the same since! I met Hugo Gamboa in 1992, who later sold me both Angus and Angie. His help, advice and friendship have given me the ability to see where I want my breeding program to go. I am also very thankful to have some wonderful friends to work with me, as this breeding program is not something that I can manage all alone ~ it takes strength from all of us.

My pet puppies are spay/neutered prior to sale. I usually pick a couple of puppies from a litter that I'd like to go forward with and spay/neuter the rest. My vet has been doing these surgeries for me since 1992. Please feel free to contact me for more information about this.

For more pictures of my dogs or information about puppies, please visit my website at http://sardigreatdanes.com

~ Sardi Great Danes ~
Sara Dingman Dellorto
9140 Tom Costine Road * Lakeland, FL  33809-1656 * (863) 816-2080

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