A Little About Myself . . .

My interest in Great Danes began a very long time ago when I first saw a very pretty woman driving a Ford Country Squire station wagon through town with two fawn Great Dane heads sticking out of the back window. The look was perfect and that is where it all began for me.

I purchased my first Dane in 1968 from a breeder who was a Police Officer  in Long Beach, California. It was a black male that I paid $150.00 for. My reason for buying him was to have an illusion of home protection without the fear of having a nasty dog. I just wanted an awesome dog to intimidate, rather than bite.

I purchased my first show dog, a harlequin male, from Eva Robinson of Riverwood Harlequins fame. His name was Ch. Schnapps Von Riverwood. A top handler on the west coast watched me showing my dog one day and told me that she would take my dog and show me just how good he really was. She did just that and he won and won and won. The more the dog won, the more nervous I became on the sidelines. I wanted to be at the end of the lead controlling the outcome. And so I did. I took over and finished the second half of his championship. That was the beginning of my career in the show ring.

Since my early beginnings, I have shown and finished every color and successfully campaigned Great Danes all over the world. I thoroughly enjoy the sport and its competitive nature. The success of every dog depends greatly on the training and conditioning the dog receives both inside and outside of the show ring. Before I will take on a new dog to handle, I first expect the owners to have the dog well socialized and leash broken. After that time, I work jointly with the owners, at all times, to achieve the finely tuned show dog. For certain success, it is important that the dog and its handler become a team. I work toward this end with each of my clients.

If you would like additional information concerning my annual show schedule or rates, please contact me at the address, phone number or email address below.

Mort Evans
2008 S. Susan Street
Santa Ana, California 92704
Phone No. (714) 349-5833
Email: mortevans@aol.com

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